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Calhoun Sawyer Add to Favorites
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 190
  • Shoe: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Cock: 10.0 (25cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.7/5

In his own words:

"I am an alpha male. I am kind and with a big hard and I love to fuck ass. "

Our comments:

"Down to earth young man, with some great ideas to help others. Wait til you see his nice package."

  • Tesla On Autopilot While They Fuck 07-19-2020

    If you got to spend your commute doing anything you wanted. What would you do? For James and Calhoun, the obvious answer is to fuck in the back seat on autopilot!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Masyn 05-02-2020

    Masyn may not have been able to take all of Calhoun's big dick but he made up for it in other ways! See what these studs thought about their performance and what they liked most!

  • Calhoun Fucking Masyns Tight Ass 05-01-2020

    Masyn tries his best to fit Calhoun's thick, long cock in his ass but when he can't take it, they switch places and suddenly it's Calhoun who's taking a dick!

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And Masyn 04-30-2020

    Take a behind the scenes peek with Calhoun and Masyn, who divulge their upcoming plans and how they prepped for today's scene!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Blake 04-04-2020

    Get Calhoun and Blake's take on their scene and find out which parts they liked the best!

  • Calhoun Sawyer Pounding Blakes Ass 04-03-2020

    Calhoun is back, this time to pound away on Blake's tight asshole. This is a passionate scene you don't want to miss!

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And Blake 04-02-2020

    Blake and Calhoun give us a fun pre-scene interview full of some laughs and plenty of good info on how they each prep for their scenes!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Casey 03-27-2020

    Casey and Calhoun just finished fucking and while they towel off, we ask them a few questions about their scene.

  • Calhoun Doggy Style In Casey Owens 03-26-2020

    Calhoun seems very horny today as he takes control of Casey Owens, fucking him deep doggy style before Casey jerks him off, making him explode!

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And Casey 03-25-2020

    We talk with Calhoun and Casey before they get started filming their scene. See what they have to say about their upcoming sex session and what they've learned about each other!

  • After The Scene Ethan And Calhoun 03-15-2020

    Find out what Ethan and Calhoun have to say about their latest scene together - what the liked, what they think the members want, and more!

  • Ethan Steel Fucking Calhoun Raw 03-14-2020

    Ethan dominates Calhoun hard in this intense scene, fucking him raw after he eats that ass and makes him cum!

  • Before The Scenes Ethan And Calhoun 03-13-2020

    Learn a little more about Ethan and Calhoun as we talk with them before the camera starts rolling on their scene!

  • After The Scene Ryan And Calhoun 02-20-2020

    Ryan and Calhoun are literally still shooting a load when we start their after the scene video, letting them sit back and relax as we ask them their favorite parts!

  • Ryan Gives Calhoun Sawyer His Cock 02-19-2020

    Ryan Parks is back to make some cash, we paired him with Calhoun so he can see how much of a rough fuck he can give!

  • Before The Scene Ryan And Calhoun 02-18-2020

    Ryan and Calhoun lounge on the bed as they talk to us about their upcoming scene!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Cody 02-12-2020

    Calhoun and Cody snuggle together as they revisit their favorite parts of a very successful and sexy scene!

  • Calhoun Sawyer Fucking Cody Raw 02-11-2020

    These boys getting down and dirty with each other. Calhoun sucking Cody's cock like no other before giving him a rough fuck!

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And Cody 02-10-2020

    Cody and Calhoun are rested and ready to fuck...but before that, they get to sit and talk with us first! See what they have to say about what it's like working with younger models, as well as their preferences when in front of the cameras!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And James 01-23-2020

    Hear about James and Calhoun's thoughts on their scene together...what they liked, what they learned, and what they're going to do the rest of the day!

  • Two Straight Guys Have Gay Sex Raw 01-22-2020

    Calhoun Sawyer starts off sucking James's cock, getting him nice and hard before sucking on James's toes and fucking him doggy-style.

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And James 01-21-2020

    Sit with James and Calhoun before they fuck and see what's on their mind!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Jos 12-08-2019

    Check in with Calhoun and the thoroughly fucked Jos as they share their experiences on the scene!

  • Calhoun Knows How To Fuck Jos 12-07-2019

    Calhoun Sawyer really knows how Jos Alvarez likes to be fucked!

  • Before The Scenes Calhoun And Jos 12-06-2019

    Check out this free bonus behind the scenes update as we chat with Calhoun and Jos before they get to fuckin'!

  • After The Scene With Calhoun 11-05-2019

    We exchange a few quick words with Calhoun after he gets done shooting his load!

  • Calhoun Sawyer Jerks Off 11-04-2019

    See newbie Calhoun Sawyer get himself off in front of the camera as he unleashes a huge load of hot cum for you!

  • Before The Scene With Calhoun 11-03-2019

    See what new guy Calhoun Sawyer is all about before he shows us what he's got in his solo scene!

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  • anonymous on 01/10/2022

    Love you Calhoun

    • backseat643 on 11/03/2021

      Bring him back! He is incredible! I love how vocal he is when he bottoms! So sexy!!!!

      • anonymous on 10/26/2021

        LUV his accent ! ! ! LUV the ginger, and the cock ! More Callhoun please ~

        • kentguy789 on 03/09/2021

          Loved Calhoun hope he comes back . Would love to see him with more guys!!

          • ibeickis on 01/30/2021

            1 word. DELICIOUS!!

            • dnutz355 on 10/09/2020

              Love this guy..... he seems to enjoy taking the dick as much as giving it. More “seeding” scenes would be hot. Dakota Ford. Amd I forget his name but the one where the btm requested him and Dakota seeded that ass

              • onlyddpp69 on 09/08/2020

                I love this guy the way he takes dick and his big ass dick I love to hear him moan.

                • pmv1968 on 08/03/2020

                  VERY HOT STUD!!!! MORE-MORE-MORE!!!!!

                  • anonymous on 06/02/2020

                    Cannot get enough of the passion and tawdriness Calhoun exudes. He is a real keeper. Thank you Love seeing him at other studios, too. He's always great at CM, where I first got hooked by him.

                    • Jordy29 on 05/12/2020

                      I love that every after the scene video with Calhoun all the guys look like their world's have been rocked