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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 128
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm) Uncut
  • Performer Rating: 4.55/5

In his own words:

"I am a person who never forgets who you are when I meet you. I am bad with names though. I love to play basketball and eat pizza. "

Our comments:

"What can we say, Ethan is one sexy guy. He came to us needing money and we are excited to see how far we can get him to go with other guys. "

  • After The Scene Ethan And Grey 04-18-2021

    After a hot scene that left Grey’s face and hair covered in cum, the boys sit down with us and catch their breath. Find out the very thing that turned Grey on enough to orgasm, and how caring Ethan can be as a friend.

  • Crossing The Line 04-18-2021

    When Ethan wakes up next to Grey with an unresolved boner, it doesn’t take long before Grey looks to please him by sucking him off. With a little convincing, Ethan gets him to go further, and makes Grey’s ass his for the taking.

  • Before The Scene Ethan And Grey 04-17-2021

    Longtime friends Ethan and Grey sit down with us and talk about their crazy stories and music festivals, and the fetishes that their ex-girlfriends have had. The boys already have high chemistry as friends, so now they test that chemistry in the bedroom.

  • After The Scene Ethan And Rowan 03-21-2021

    Ethan just dominated Rowan, but tells us that he himself has a submissive side. Rowan really loved the role play that went on, and tells us more about his kinks and fetishes.

  • Ethan's Secret Desire To Fuck Punk 03-20-2021

    Ethan wants to have some fun with Rowan, but he really needs it to be kept secret. Rowan helps him explore his desires and see how far Ethan is willing to go.

  • Before The Scenes Ethan And Rowan 03-19-2021

    Ethan Steele returns to us after being away, and talks with us while getting cozy with Rowan, the punk rocker. These boys wont last long sitting next to each other before their clothes slowly come off.

  • After The Scene Ethan And James 07-13-2020

    Ethan and James have a lot to tell us about their scene, and we're eager to hear their side of this very sexy encounter.

  • James Legs Spread Open For Ethan 07-12-2020

    Ethan dominates the fuck out of James, making him whimper with pleasure and beg for more until he can't hold his cum in any longer!

  • Before The Scene Ethan And James 07-11-2020

    Before James and Ethan get to sucking and fucking, we chat with them about their thoughts on the upcoming sex scene!

  • After The Scene Ethan And Blaze 06-07-2020

    Stop by after Ethan and Blaze's hot scene and see what they have to say about their favorite parts!

  • Ethan Finishes By Tasting Blaze 06-06-2020

    Ethan Steel buries his pulsing, raw cock in Blaze's tight ass, fucking him until he cums!

  • After The Scene Ethan And Masyn 05-14-2020

    Mason doesn't hold back as he tells us about his experience bottoming today and we appreciate his honest insight as we learn about their take on the scene!

  • Ethan Steel Pounding Masyn Thorne 05-13-2020

    In this amazing scene Masyn is dominated from behind as Ethan sticks his hard cock deep inside.

  • Before The Scene Ethan And Masyn 05-12-2020

    This fun pre-scene interview with Masyn and Ethan visits a few interesting topics including fantasies and how they lost their virginity. Learn more about these guys in this free bonus update!

  • After The Scene Ethan And Blake 04-20-2020

    Enjoy this fun post-scene discussion with Blake and Ethan and see how the scene went for them!

  • Ethan Sticks His Dick Inside Blake 04-19-2020

    Ethan dominates Blake hard in this hot scene, fucking him with his raw dick then making Blake taste Ethan's jizz!

  • Before The Scene Ethan And Blake 04-18-2020

    Blake and Ethan are back and before they get their scene started, we sit them down and see what's on their mind!

  • Ethan Steel Shower Talk 04-08-2020

    Ethan Steel bares all - sharing his private shower time with you as well as his experience in disclosing his porn job to loved ones.

  • After The Scene Ethan And Calhoun 03-15-2020

    Find out what Ethan and Calhoun have to say about their latest scene together - what the liked, what they think the members want, and more!

  • Ethan Steel Fucking Calhoun Raw 03-14-2020

    Ethan dominates Calhoun hard in this intense scene, fucking him raw after he eats that ass and makes him cum!

  • Before The Scenes Ethan And Calhoun 03-13-2020

    Learn a little more about Ethan and Calhoun as we talk with them before the camera starts rolling on their scene!

  • Max Taking Every Inch Of Ethan Cock 12-23-2019

    Max takes every last inch of Ethan's raw, pulsing cock as he gets dominated and fucked hard!

  • Ethan Steel Pounding Richies Hole 10-29-2019

    Richie's ass cheeks are bright red and that hole fucked until it's sore after Ethan gets a hold of him!

  • Sky's Ass Pounded By Ethan Bareback 10-17-2019

    Sky gets his sweet little ass destroyed by Ethan Steel, who fills him up and fucks him hard!

  • Jj Smitt Little Ass Fucked By Ethan 09-18-2019

    JJ gets his pretty little ass pounded by Ethan's fat dick!

  • Ryan Takes A Dick From Ethan Raw 09-03-2019

    Ryan Parks takes a dick for the first time and Ethan is the lucky guy who gets to split that tight ass open as he fucks him raw!

  • Ethan Dominating Cody Smiths Hole 08-27-2019

    Ethan Steel fucks Cody Smith without mercy, pounding and dominating his tight hole until they both cum hard!

  • Ethan Doggy Style Fucks Tanner 08-15-2019

    Ethan Steel's not a morning person, but he wakes up fast when Tanner Valentino's wet mouth wraps around his cock...

  • Malakais Tight Ass Ready For Ethan 08-03-2019

    Ethan's back and ready to suck some dick while Malakai prepares his tight ass for Ethan's long shaft!

  • Ethan Steel Fucks Kace Doggystyle 07-08-2019

    These boys waste no time kissing before Ethan bends Kace's ass over and fucks him deep.

  • Ethan Steel Dominates Marcus Rivers 06-21-2019

    Ethan Steel takes his hard cock and fucks Marcus Rivers in his tight little hole!

  • Cute Jos Bottoms For Ethan Steel 05-19-2019

    Cute Jos bottoms for Ethan Steel, letting him fuck his ass hard and raw as he takes every inch!

  • Ethan Steel Playing With Himself 05-01-2019

    Newbie Ethan Steel nails his solo scene, getting hard as fuck before stroking out his cum for you!

  • Getting To Know Ethan Steel 04-27-2019

    In this free bonus behind the scenes update: we sit down with new guy Ethan Steel and find out what brings him to BSB.

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  • raj0131 on 07/21/2021

    Ethan is my favorite bsb yet 💙 and all you that think he should learn to bottom well he's just not a bottom 😉 I think it makes him even hotter!!!!!

    • hurley88 on 04/11/2021

      ummmm... didnt he say he was going to try and bttm? still waiting to see that. Come on guys!

      • kturcotte1980 on 12/04/2020

        Ethan is so fucking hot and sexy. Definitely one of my favorite BSB boys. Love seeing his progression getting more comfortable with guys, sucking cock, eating ass. Love to see more of him in the future. Maybe even get him to let somebody bend him over

        • cosmo1960 on 10/17/2020

          Bravo, Ethan! Thanks for your efforts to please. They do please a hell of a lot. If you ever do bottom, I hope you will find the experience very easy and intensely pleasurable.

          • tombauer37 on 08/29/2020

            Ethan, I think you're incredible. You're one of the most genuinely enthusiastic models when you are fucking, face fucking, or kissing. I could give a shit if you ever bottom, you're an incredible top. I love that you don't shave/trim -- the hairy natural look is hot! They are showing your hole more which is a huge turn on for me. Keep it up, you keep me up!

            • SGVBOB14 on 07/13/2020

              I do not know of ANY OTHER MODEL who has been in AS MANY updates, including before/after scenes....IMO, these only add to inflating his ego EVEN MORE

              • qeduda on 07/08/2020

                sooo, does ethan ever bottom???

                • eddiegrm on 06/04/2020

                  Not all guys need to do it all. He's a great top and doesn't need to bottom.

                  • anonymous on 05/16/2020

                    I have been a member of BSB for many years now, Ethan I hope ull read this. Not only that you are one of the hottest guys ever on this site, your personality is truly awesome!!!! You are truly the old style BSB boys that we don't see enough in the past year (thia is for the owners also haha). Any way keep going doing your amazing job and Id love to see you bottom :)

                    • br6205 on 05/11/2020

                      I am sorry I see little progress. Lack luster kissing , no rimming is there even sucking on his part?Sorry I hope he gets the message other fully straight guys have enough imagination and self assurance in their masculinity to do it all!