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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.1 (185cm)
  • Weight: 165 (75 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 9.0 (23cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.39/5

In his own words:

"Guess who is having more fun?"

Our comments:

"Mike is tall smoth lean and has a really nice big dick. Anthony his older cousin."

Producer comments:

"Big dicks must run in the family."

  • Mikey And John Henry Fuck 09-11-2016

    Mikey and John get a taste of each other's cocks before they take turns fucking each other's tight ass!

  • Mikey Fucks Oliver Saxon Bareback 08-28-2016

    Oliver isn't prepared for what's in Mikey's pants, but when Mikey takes his huge cock out and puts it in Oliver's ass...well, let's just say he probably won't be able to sit for a couple days!

  • Dakota Ford And Mikey Raw 08-14-2016

    It's Mikey's birthday and he made a special request for Dakota Ford, so of course, we delivered! Watch Mikey get pounded bareback by Dakota as they finish the scene with Mikey's ass dripping cum!

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Mikey Raw 06-05-2016

    Mikey's infamous cock isn't going to get much action today since it seems Ryan isn't ready to take a dick that it looks like it's Mikey's turn to get fucked raw!

  • Levi Jackson Fucks Mikey 05-20-2016

    Levi Jackson fucks Mikey's tight little ass in this sexy scene after they get each other horny with some cock-sucking!

  • Mikey Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw 05-01-2016

    Tyler Griffin bottoms for Mikey in this hot scene, but Tyler has no idea just how big Mikey is until he unleashes that cock and sees for himself!

  • Mikey And Zeno Flip Raw 04-20-2016

    Zeno Kostas struggles to take Mikey's huge cock, but when they flip he makes sure to fuck Mikey hard so that both their asses will be sore for days!

  • Catching Up With Mikey 04-05-2016

    We welcome Mikey back to BSB to catch up with him and see what he's been up to the last few years. And once he's filled us in we welcome him back for a scene as well!

  • Chris Taylors First Oral Scene 03-27-2016

    Chris Taylor knows he can't do solo scenes forever, and we ease him into the idea of doing more as his partner shows him how good it can feel to get his cock-sucked by a dude!

  • Where In The World Is Abram Hoffer 01-02-2016

    Check out this admittedly corny BTS video as our guys have a little bit of fun on their last trip out to Florida!

  • Mikey, Jayden, & Derek 03-28-2011

    Derek does anal with another guy for the first time. Watch Jayden ride Derek's cock like a pro then see Mikey fuck Jayden hard!

  • Mikey, Jayden, & Derek 03-16-2011

    Mike teaches both Jayden and Derek some new oral skills in today's shoot. See how well Jayden and Derek do under Mike's instruction!

  • Mikey & Jayden 03-12-2011

    We welcome back Mikey while also introducing Jayden in this enthusiastic oral scene.

  • Corey & Mikey 11-12-2010

    Cousin Mikey and Corey revisit the futon and today, one of these boys is gonna get fucked! Will Mikey be the one to bottom? Watch this hot video and find out!

  • Mikey & Nathan 10-30-2010

    Nathan and Mikey fuck and suck in this super hot video. Which boy gets a cock in his ass this time?

  • Mikey, Nathan, Corey 10-16-2010

    Mikey judges Nathan and Corey on their oral skills. See who not only comes first but who cums the most!

  • Mikey & Nathan 10-09-2010

    Welcome back to Mikey and Nathan in this really hot oral scene. Find out why Nathan is nicknamed 'Toots'.

  • 2010 Gay Days Orlando 05-31-2010

    You never know what you are going to find at the Parliament House and Diesal and Mike were quite surprised when they arrived because it was their first time. It didnt take the two boys long before they were partying it up and making sure that everyone had

  • Anthony, Mike & Steven (hd) 05-01-2010

    Be sure not to miss this hot scene with Anthony, Mike and Steven. Which of these guys is going to get fucked?

  • Mike & Steven (hd) 04-28-2010

    Mike and Steven are in this hot shoot. Next update they will be with Anthony and someone is going to get fucked hard.

  • Mike & Anthony (hd) 04-24-2010

    Anthony is back and he is in this hot scene with Mike. One of these broke straight boys is getting fucked in this scene.

  • Mike & Chasen 03-20-2010

    Mike and Chasen are in this hot scene together. Be sure to check out what these broke straight boys do for cash.

  • Mike & Cody 03-01-2010

    Mike and Cody are in this hot scene together. Don't miss this one.

  • Austin, Michael & Mike 02-17-2010

    Austin, Michael and Mike are in this hot 3 some together. Check out to see what the boys do for extra money.

  • Mike & Chasen 12-21-2009

    Mike and Chasen are in this shoot. Which guy will be fucking who? Be sure to check out this scene and rate how much you liked it.

  • Michael, Chasen & Mike 08-24-2009

    Michael, Chasen and Mike are in this hot three way. Watch this scene to find out which one of these boys gets fucked.

  • Mikes Interview 07-21-2009

    Check out Mikes interview.

  • Anthony, Jacob & Mike 07-01-2009

    Typically the more guys in a scene the more interactive each guy tends to get, and so when I setup for a threesome shoot I wanted the best show I could. This turned out to be one of the hottest scenes.

  • Anthony & Mike 05-23-2009

    This is one of our most popular shoots with Anthony and Mike. I was able to get the kissing cousins back in front of the camera once more. They both called me up asking to see if there was any work for them to do.

  • Zach, Mike, Cody, Luke 12-27-2008

    The gay boys are back for Christmas, and they showed up for their present that I was going to give them. Both Zack and Mike were excited for one more chance to be on broke straight boys to mess around with hot guys and get paid for it.

  • Zach & Mike 12-25-2008

    I brought Zack back for another shoot, and this time I paired him up with his gay cousin Mike. Both of them are gay, broke, and wanting a chance to be put with straight boys for Christmas.

  • Anthony & Mike 10-25-2008

    A while has passed since Anthony last did a shoot with us, but he had called me up looking to get some extra work. I setup a time for him to come into the studio. See what this broke straight boy does.

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  • mikeylover on 06/22/2018

    Best of all times... 😇😅

    • ahornybear on 10/14/2016

      OMG he is one of my favorites from years ago! great to see him back! Love that cock

      • Miteymouse on 08/30/2016

        I just joined this site and so far Mikey is the BEST!! What a beautiful cock, that's driving me crazy!!!

        • dewayne12 on 08/19/2016

          One of the hottest Twinks in 2008-09 and he didnt shoot for you know who ;-) Now he is back older but oh so more fun! Even Some twinks get better with age Mikey is exhibit A for that! And all without becoming muscle bound which we have some former twinks unnaturally become.

          • robsport2017 on 08/14/2016

            psssst! Mikey isnt 18!!!

            • Sampiro on 08/28/2016

              Nor unless he started when he was 10. They might should change that.

            • sportsbear on 03/30/2016

              So good to see Mikey back in the fold. Would love to see him fuck Zander. I imagine we would have to turn the volume down as Zander would definitely be vocal about that weapon in his sweet hole!

              • cmr2k513 on 11/20/2015

                Mikey and Anthony really need to do another video, by far the best couple on here...

                • terrytif1954 on 04/26/2015

                  my favorite of all time

                  • thenuman on 03/09/2015

                    Mike, please come back!

                    • arthurvandelay on 01/30/2014

                      Mikey & Tyler & Mike Jones doing bareback :D